Business Model

Our target market is the more than 5,500 publicly traded securities with a market cap less than $500 million.  This portion of the market has been upended by a variety of regulatory, institutional and cultural factors.  Our deep experience in this segment of the market is a significant differentiator.

“Well, start with the A's”

Warren Buffett

-His advice to a younger version of himself entering the business today-

We combine a deep knowledge of the small-cap public market with a strong sense of value and a fanatical devotion to original research.  We pride ourselves on digging deeply into publicly available information sources in order to gain a unique perspective on each transaction.

"When you have been doing this for a while, you start to become more proficient about where to look, which rocks to look under."

Seth Klarman

Deal structuring is where our creativity and broad knowledge base come to life.  We pride ourselves on unique structures, creative use of capital markets and unique strategic insights.